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What Is In A Sales Methodology?

I have been exposed to several throughout my career: Professional Selling SkillsDialogue Consultative SellingThe Challenger Sale I suppose I could think about this as one for each decade of my sales career! ​There are many other methodologies out there, some that spring to mind are: SPIN SellingSNAP SellingSolution SellingInbound Selling Do sales organizations need a…

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Sales and Organizational Alignment

This post excites me for a strange reason.  It is because I get to use a photo taken on the hiking trails in the Shade’s Mills Conservation area!  I do think it is an appropriate image.  For a business to succeed, there must be alignment.  Different functions and different aspects of the business strategy must…

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Thinking On Sales

I spent over three decades working in the field of sales.  I thought I knew sales pretty well, that is until I had an opportunity to lead a seminar as part of the onboarding for an MBA class.  During some of the breaks I had students come up to me and ask some questions about…

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What Is In A Name?

To know me is to understand that I love history.  I also very much enjoy the community in which our family has lived for nearly twenty years now.  These things influenced the selection of the name for the Shade’s Mills Group. It is not an easy thing to come up with a business name! A…

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