Why Not a Fractional VP of Sales?

Tom Fournier as a fractional vice president of sales

I have recently been working with a client who does work around marketing strategy. They were quite interested in the idea of offering themselves as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

This got me thinking!

1) What is fractional?

Some quick searches revealed:

“Fractional executives, are executives who take up a part-time position in a C-suite of leaders, such as CEO’s and CFO’s. The vast majority of the time, the have gotten experience with major firms and bring a lot of different skills and expertise to the role.”


“They are considered subject matter experts. A fractional executive is engaged on a part-time basis, can work for multiple companies for an unspecified amount of time, typically a few days a week or month.”

2) Why not a Fractional VP of Sales?

I am positive they exist, so perhaps I should be more specific.

3) Why not Tom Fournier as a Fractional VP of Sales?

Naturally, I think this is a great idea!

I have experience working as the senior most sales leader for a major corporation’s Canadian business. Further, I had served on the senior sales leadership team for that same corporation’s massive North American business.
Since leaving voluntarily, I have researched B2B sales models, sales strategies and emerging trends while applying that knowledge with both manufacturer and distributor clients.

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The engagement can be one time, hours per week, days per month or quarter. It is up to you to determine what works best in your unique dynamic!

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