How Does Your Sales Strategy Measure Up? (A Quick Self Assessment)

How are you doing with your sales strategy? How would you know? We offer a simple self assessment looking at aspects of a sales strategy for B2B sales. It is available as a PDF through the “download” button. Or if you prefer, send a request for a conversation or the form:

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face to face meeting

Will a Return to Face-to-Face Selling Accelerate Your Business?

I have noted more and more dialogue around people and companies looking forward to face-to-face meetings with customers and how impactful this will be. While it will feel great to have interactions with people in a form other than “virtual” will it really change the performance of your sales organization? Consider this: 1) Will your…

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Box of Donuts Selling is Over - Blog Image for Shade's Mills Group

Box of Donuts Selling – Revisited

By Tom Fournier I am sitting here in 2021 and looking back on something that I wrote about back in early 2019. How much the world has changed in those two years! If box of donut selling was on the decline then, it has pretty much been eliminated now. COVID-19 had accelerated changes in sales…

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Kleenex Box Sign

That Time I Went Viral!

Not long ago, it was a Friday afternoon and I was winding down my week. I came across a photo from my hometown that combined my childhood and my long association with Kimberly-Clark. I posted that photo along with a little anecdote and carried on with my day. Then things got a little wild! There…

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Child with Doctor Check Up

Annual Check-Up (for Sales!)

As we continue to work through an extremely unique historical event in the form of a global pandemic, we find it is also a tremendous opportunity to do a check-up or analysis on the effectiveness of your sales approach. Here are some items to evaluate: 1) Have you turned to some form of social media…

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“I Have Been Thinking”

There was a time when the phrase “I have been thinking” would frighten my boss or my team mates, but it is something that I have always done a lot. I spoke of this recently during the Business PowerUp session for the Small Business Community Network.  It is difficult to find the time for this…

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Palencia Spain Art Restoration

The Risk of Doing It Yourself!

The latest attempt at an economical restoration (at the time of this writing) has been discovered in Palencia, Spain. Amateur do-it-your selfers are again trying to do art restoration. The results may look comical but the impact is sorrowful. How many things in our business approaches or attempts at crafting strategy mirror these efforts? Why…

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What Can a Banana Tell us About Sales Strategy?

I had a “I was this many minutes old” moment not too long ago when I saw someone posting about bananas. I wish I kept track of the person who posted so that I could properly credit them. When you go to peel a banana, which end do you start with? I have always started…

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Bullhorn for Amplification

Amplification through Social Media

Are you using social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to try to promote your business or to elevate your personal credentials? Perhaps you are also networking whether it is part of a networking organization or working within an industry. Do you post information or content but do not seem to get much…

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Milkman to Hunter

Moving from Milkman to Hunter – Evolving Your Outside Account Executives

How do your outside sales representatives work? Scenario A: Are they spending all of their active selling time in front of potential new customers? Are they relentlessly chasing down new prospects, constantly expanding your portfolio of customers and profitably growing your business? OR Scenario B: Do they have a set book of business and are…

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