Who Are You? A Person or a Bot? On the Increased Use of A.I. in Selling

Artificial Intelligence Feeling Robotic

I think we have all grown used to seeing chatbots on websites.

I have mixed feelings on their effectiveness and far too often find that I have to jump to a live resource to get what I need.

A more subtle adaptation has become companies offering to take over your LinkedIn account to do outreach to your connections or their connections for lead generation.

I am getting more and more in-mail from bots. Even as they attempt personalization it still seems so … well robotic and obvious and I really do not want to engage.

Every now and then I see one that may seem interesting, particularly if it is someone in what I categorize as my primary industry and accept their connection request and at times even send a note to do a little warming up from my end.

And I get nothing.

What is the point of paying for this service if you do not follow up on the engagement it is generating?

I am going to sidetrack myself with this statement but I will venture forward regardless; I have always found one of the biggest failings of sales representatives to be the failure to follow-up. So many times, I have seen the process fairly well executed. There has been prospecting, an appointment gained, an effective sales presentation and a course of action identified; in short all of the hard work has been done. And then nothing. What a waste of time and effort!

I will get myself back on track, why pay for some type of lead generation work and then not follow-up on those leads?

What a waste of good money.

Why invest in a robotic approach to lead generation when it becomes widespread, easily identifiable and annoying?

There are no shortcuts in identifying leads, advancing them to prospects and selling them.

Employ the human touch. Do your homework, do the hard work and enjoy the success.

You do not know how? Let me know and we will find ways to help you.

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