What is Your Sales Strategy Score?

Sales Scorecard Ad

How big of a priority is your sales organization and its performance?

Is your approach to sales ready for the new realities of sales in this modern era (post COVID) of selling and interacting with customers?

Perhaps your sales performance is fine but could it be better?

How would you know?

We are pleased to share that we have developed a self-serve scorecard. It is less than 20 questions, takes two or three minutes and you immediately receive your personalized scorecard.

Our scorecard covers these areas:

Sales Model and Company Perspective

This section looks into your satisfaction with your sales performance and also reviews the structure that your sales team goes to market with, along with possible variations of sales approaches.

Sales Strategy

This area examines your sales process, sales methodology, target setting and price management.
Sales Management & Sales Enablement

Here is a chance to look at how your sales manager manages your sales team including pipeline management (CRM), performance management and coaching for development.

Business Generation

The final section looks at your sales and marketing organization’s ability to generate new prospects and develop new business resulting in profitable growth.

Take the Survey!

Each section is scored along with a cumulative score.

It is free.

It is insightful.

We have received feedback that it is informative and useful.

There is everything to gain and no commitment required.

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