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B2B Sales – Terms and Definitions

As you go digging into sales strategies and sales models, you will encounter a whole new language that is acronym rich! For several years now I have been keeping a document where I will jot down a new term and then find an explanation or a definition. Seeing as it has been some time since…

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Tom Fournier on MDM Podcast

Talking Canada With MDM!

Our Tom Fournier joins Tom Gale, CEO of Modern Distribution Management to discuss the world of selling jan-san products in the Canadian B2B market.

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I Have Been Thinking About Inventory

A number of things that I have been working on has me thinking about the inventory that a distributor holds. What metrics do distributors use to measure their inventory in terms of their business performance? I have come across the term:  GMROI That is Gross Margin Return on Investment. GMROI evaluates profitability of your inventory…

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Talking on the Use of LinkedIn for ISSA Canada

On March 23rd, 2022 Tom Fournier made himself available for ISSA Canada’s Coffee Talk Forum to discuss how to maximize an individual’s use of LinkedIn as a networking and a selling tool. That video can be seen here:

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RAPID test for sales

Sales Strategy and Sales Effectiveness Self Assessment:  What Have We Learned?

It has been several months since I made available a self assessment for B2B sales strategies and sales effectiveness. I really encourage you to try the test.  It is fast, insightful and does not cost anyone. You can take the survey here: SURVEY If you do so, I will also send back a scorecard showing…

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Tom Fournier on the SBCN Podcast!

It was great to see Tom being interviewed by the amazing Linda Ockwell-Jenner on the SBCN podcast! To hear the podcast, click here: To learn more about the SBCN (Small Business Community Network) click here:

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT’s Happening?

A SWOT analysis is a great tool to assist with strategic planning. What exactly is a SWOT? It is a simple 2 x 2 grid where you can look at an organization’s: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats If you have an organization with people in different functional roles, it is a great exercise to do this…

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Artificial Intelligence Feeling Robotic

Who Are You? A Person or a Bot? On the Increased Use of A.I. in Selling

I think we have all grown used to seeing chatbots on websites. I have mixed feelings on their effectiveness and far too often find that I have to jump to a live resource to get what I need. A more subtle adaptation has become companies offering to take over your LinkedIn account to do outreach…

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Graphic talking about the cleaning products industry supply chain

What if the Cleaning Products Supply Chain Weakens?

This is something that I have begun to think a lot around. Our industry works best with collaboration, knowledge sharing and facilitation across all of the links in the supply chain. What happens when individual links in the supply chain diminish, weaken, withdraw services and support, or try to take on the role of another?…

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Tom Fournier as a fractional vice president of sales

Why Not a Fractional VP of Sales?

I have recently been working with a client who does work around marketing strategy. They were quite interested in the idea of offering themselves as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This got me thinking! 1) What is fractional? Some quick searches revealed: “Fractional executives, are executives who take up a part-time position in a…

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