we get comments

We Get Comments!

From our article titled “How Should Manufacturers Improve Their Distributor Relationships” we received several really good comments. We thought it worth sharing some of the more notable ones!

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10% offer

An Offer That Is Too Good AND It is True!

How do you drive business growth without leads? Where do your leads come from? Are you expecting your sales team to generate leads?  How is that working?  With everything that they have to manage do they truly have time to go through the painstaking work of trying to identify new business prospects and convert them…

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How Should Manufacturers Improve Their Distributor Relationships

By Tom Fournier In a recent survey conducted by Baird Analysis on behalf of Modern Distribution Management, there was an interesting “Rotating Question” which garnered distributor responses. The question was: “From your perspective, what is the biggest thing manufacturers could do better at to reduce friction in the distributor-manufacturer relationship?” I thought I would highlight…

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panelists from 2023 ISSA Canada Show

The Crucial Role of Distributor Sales Representative Training in the Cleaning Products Industry

Training plays a pivotal role in equipping distributor sales representatives with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Recently, at the ISSA Canada Show held in Toronto, I had the privilege of hosting a panel discussion that delved into the significance of training for distributor sales representatives. The panel, consisting of esteemed…

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Offer from Integriy Leads

A Special Offer on Lead Generation!

by Tom Fournier I have long enjoyed working with John MacKenzie of Integrity Leads. I am very impressed with his knowledge of selling in a B2B environment and the professionalism of his company’s approach. I have succcessfully referred clients onto Integrity and they have experienced success. I would like to give more of you the…

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Tom Fournier and MarketsConnection

Tom Fournier & MarketsConnection

In this video, Tom talks about where he is at with the Shade’s Mills Group and what is MarketsConnection.

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marketsconnection launch

MarketsConnection – We are Launching!

At long last we are launching a live site! Well almost. This is a beta launch. The site is live.  There are real products available for sale from a vendor. Once we see that there have been successful sales and we apply the learnings from those sales, we will add more products through a second…

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First case shipped

MarketsConnection – What is Next?

It has been a year in the works, but we have finally been able to generate a sale, create a shipping label, arrange an order pickup, and have that order delivered to the purchasing customer. So, we are good to go right? Not so fast. Our approach this time was to do the work and…

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tom and linda at a networking event

The Value of Business Networking

At this point we have or are steadily moving out from the shadow of COVID. I am not saying it is gone.  In a business context we need to get on with building and sustaining our businesses. One important business building activity is business networking. Not only is it enjoyable but it is also critical…

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ChatGPT logo

ChatGPT – What is the Buzz?

ChatGPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI to interact in a conversational fashion. Out of no where, this has been generating headlines and I thought I would check it out by asking some questions around one of my favourite topics, multi vendor marketplaces!

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