invest and save for marketsconnection

Equity Crowd Funding – Why Distributors Are Strategic Investors

We have spent a little time looking at the example of Bluon, a HVAC technical resource and multi vendor marketplace where HVAC technicians and distributors interact.

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issa canada distributor council

ISSA Canada Distributor Council Taking Shape!

Tom has been very active in his work supporting the ISSA Canada Distribution Council.  IN fact, the entire council has been hard at work and starting to gain some traction. A Home for the Distributor Council on the ISSA Canada Webpage! The Distributor Council has its own section on the ISSA Canada webpage.  You can…

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success on marketsconnection

Selling Success on MarketsConnection!

Remind me again, what is MarketsConnection? MarketsConnection is a form of an ecommerce platform.  Technically it is known as a multi vendor marketplace which means a place where companies can list products to sell to other companies.  MarketsConnection does not buy, inventory or handle products.  It facilitates opportunities for buyers to review vendors’ offerings and…

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Marketing Plans for MarketsConnection

Let us review what has been done and will be done with MarketsConnection in terms of our marketing plans!

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Where We at with MarketsConnection?

It is time to give an update on progress we have made with MarketsConnection! From a positive perspective: We will not say “negative” but rather areas that need work: What are we doing to move forward? What is our mid-term to longer-term goals? How do we accomplish our goals?  We will need more funding.  Up…

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warehouse inventory

Oh No! Overstock and Economic Slowdown

In a recent article[i] in Modern Distribution Management, this headline caught my eye, “Distributors Working Though Overstock Amid Slowdown”. The author was expressing the viewpoint that increasingly distributors were looking at the amount of inventory that they were carrying amidst a potential economic slowdown that may extend into 2024. This point of view was validated…

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we get comments

We Get Comments!

From our article titled “How Should Manufacturers Improve Their Distributor Relationships” we received several really good comments. We thought it worth sharing some of the more notable ones!

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10% offer

An Offer That Is Too Good AND It is True!

How do you drive business growth without leads? Where do your leads come from? Are you expecting your sales team to generate leads?  How is that working?  With everything that they have to manage do they truly have time to go through the painstaking work of trying to identify new business prospects and convert them…

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How Should Manufacturers Improve Their Distributor Relationships

By Tom Fournier In a recent survey conducted by Baird Analysis on behalf of Modern Distribution Management, there was an interesting “Rotating Question” which garnered distributor responses. The question was: “From your perspective, what is the biggest thing manufacturers could do better at to reduce friction in the distributor-manufacturer relationship?” I thought I would highlight…

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panelists from 2023 ISSA Canada Show

The Crucial Role of Distributor Sales Representative Training in the Cleaning Products Industry

Training plays a pivotal role in equipping distributor sales representatives with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Recently, at the ISSA Canada Show held in Toronto, I had the privilege of hosting a panel discussion that delved into the significance of training for distributor sales representatives. The panel, consisting of esteemed…

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