What If I Gave You 50 New Accounts?

What If I Gave You 50 New Accounts - Blog Image for Shade's Mills Group

As I work with clients, over and over I hear their difficulty finding new customers and their desire for assistance with lead generation.

As I have worked through this, I have had a realization.

What if I gave them 20 new accounts?

What if it is 50 new accounts?

How about 100 new accounts? How would they go about managing those accounts? 

I am not talking about operational capacity.  I am thinking about sales model capacity.

Who in their organization would take on these new customers?  Do they have an inside sales function?  Would these go to their outside sales representatives?

Do any of these sales resources have the time or capacity to work with new customers?

Why pursue new business opportunities or new customers if their sales organization is “busy” managing their current books of business?

Before we go to work developing marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns, should we not look at the sales model to determine if there is the ability to manage new customers?

It is interesting how many times I have heard that their customers insist on face to face calls.  These customers would never consider being supported by some type of inside or telephone sales resource.

Well guess what.  Everyone has been managing with doing their buying through self serve web portals, telephone selling (even if it is outside sales representatives working from home) or working by phone with inside sales representatives or customer service representatives.

We have all been forced to adapt to new selling realities.

What a great time to think about potential new sales models freeing up time for outside sales representatives so that when I give you 50 new accounts you know exactly how you are going to service them!

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