Traveling with Tom Gale

Tom Gale at Balpex

By Tom Fournier

In September, I had the unique opportunity to host Tom Gale, CEO of Modern Distribution Management on a Canadian visit.

I have always enjoyed Tom’s webcasts and podcasts as well as the outstanding distribution and industry related content that his organization generates.

It was wonderful to have the time with Tom, whether it was at a conference where he delivered an address, customer visits that I had scheduled or the extensive windshield time as we traveled Southern Ontario.

The takeaways from our time together?

  1. Distribution’s future success is digital transformation with strong inputs/insights from data.
  2. Outdated sales models need to be revamped and modernized.
  3. Distribution need to attract and retain the right talent for the right seats in their organizations.

This all sounds simple in bullet form but the work is complex and entails much heavy lifting!

Tom and I agreed, we will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate and work together.

Something towards I very much look forward!

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