The Value of Business Networking

tom and linda at a networking event

At this point we have or are steadily moving out from the shadow of COVID.

I am not saying it is gone.  In a business context we need to get on with building and sustaining our businesses.

One important business building activity is business networking.

Not only is it enjoyable but it is also critical to business success.

For me, here are some reasons that form the “why”:

  1. Actually seeing me, reminds people that I am still very much engaged in my business and our industry!
  2. It serves as an important opportunity to meet new people and businesses and establish a connection.
  3. As the SBCN founder, Linda Ockwell-Jenner always says, “people cannot measure your quality and personality from a business card or an email.  They need to meet you!”
  4. As a solopreneur, networking events give me great social interaction as compared to working alone from a home office.
  5. It is crucial means for supporting the communities in which we work; whether it is the actual communities in which we live or the industries and associations for which we are a part.

I will use some images to reinforce some of the business networking opportunities and settings in which I have participated in the past year.

The Small Business Community Network: 

Tom Fournier at SBCN business networking event
At the monthly SBCN meeting at Workhaus in Kitchener, with SBCN Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner

ISSA Hygieia Network:

At the ISSA Hygieia business networking event
With Shannon Hall, Dustbane & Hygieia and Kathleen Baldwin, AIM Redistribution

ISSA North America Show: 

networking with former KC team mates
At the Chicago Show. Kimberly-Clark alumni found each other!

ISSA Canada Show: 

ISSA Canada show for business networking
Rolling out a new business platform in Toronto at the ISSA Canada Show!

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce:

local business networking at Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
With Kathleen Baldwin, AIM Redistribution at the Chamber event in Tapestry Hall

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