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success on marketsconnection

Remind me again, what is MarketsConnection?

MarketsConnection is a form of an ecommerce platform.  Technically it is known as a multi vendor marketplace which means a place where companies can list products to sell to other companies.  MarketsConnection does not buy, inventory or handle products.  It facilitates opportunities for buyers to review vendors’ offerings and make purchases.  Our focus is on B2B distributors as buyers and B2B distributors and manufacturers as vendors.

What does it take to be successful on MarketsConnection?

As a starting point, list products!

As you are creating your listings, do remember that your target audience is distributors.  If they are interested in your items, there is a high likelihood that they have bought them in the past either from the manufacturer or a master wholesaler.  They will have a good sense for your acquisition cost.  You need to price your items so that they are compelling to potential buyers.

How do we get more distributors to visit and buy on MarketsConnection?

We will do our part and work to grow our audience and contact lists (see next point) but the best way is for you to list products!  List products that represent attractive and compelling deals!  The more opportunities that distributors find on MarketsConnection, the more they will come back to it to see what they might find.

What is MarketsConnection doing to help sell our products?

As we hit a new year, we are investing more money into promoting the platform.  As we receive new product listings, we push out an email flyer to our distribution mailing to promote these listing and to encourage distributors to visit the site and view the products listed.

Work is underway to expand our mailing list by attracting more distributors to the platform.

To learn more about our marketing plans, please read this article:

Will the manufacturer or original seller of your products know who has listed the items?

No!  The selling vendor is identified as “Registered Vendor – xxx” so your identity is quite anonymous.  If we get inquiries as to who is selling an item, that is protected information and only released with your consent.

Who can sell on MarketsConnection?  Is it just distributors?

No!  While our initial vision was that MarketsConnection would be a place for distributors to transact with each other, we have quickly learned that the buyers (distributors) want to buy in larger quantities.  This has pushed us to look for freight (pallet) shipping options and we this adaptation has opened the door for manufacturers to also list products.

Who can buy on MarketsConnection?

We continue to limit buyers to being B2B distributors and at times some liquidators.  A buyer must apply to set up a buying profile on the platform and we vet the applicant to ensure that they are legitimate distributors.

What does it cost to list products on MarketsConnection?

There is no listing fee!

As the sales grow across the platform, we will likely introduce vendor plans but for the time being there are no listing fees or costs other than our commission which stands at 10% deducted from any sales of your products.

So, no cost to list, only pay a commission if you make a sale, there is nothing to lose in trying out MarketsConnection as an extension of your selling efforts!

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