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By Tom Fournier

***Update March 23, 2023***

We have processed a real sale and were able to generate a shipping label and schedule the delivery pickup. It appears at long last we can move forward! Next step is to flesh out the site properly and set up our first complete vendor store.

*** Update February 1st, 2023 ***

A solution?

We have found and been testing a dedicated multi vendor marketplace platform.

We will now begin setting up a BETA store or two to further test on a live site.

*** UPDATE October 3rd, 2022***

We are still working with our developer to solve problems with integrations that support the automated shipping calculator and the payment splitting.

For the sake of getting started, we are exploring some options around simplification of the platform. We will update with bulletins once we unlock the dilemma!

*** ***

This is a new business start-up. It is an enterprise in which I am a partner.

It is a platform for distributors to buy from and sell to distributors.

This is ideal for the following:

  1. Dead inventory
  2. Slow moving inventory
  3. Obsolete inventory

So many distributors have items that are a terrible drag on their financial performance. In a lot of instances, there is very little recourse other than writing off the inventory and paying for its disposal.

Acting on the premise, that a distributor’s problem inventory may be another distributor’s opportunity or solution to a sourcing problem, we are pleased to make available this distributor focused online marketplace.

Our immediate path forward is to finalize testing particularly with shipping rates, shipping labels and payments through our first vendor account.

We will then add a second vendor account and once confident in functionality, open the site to buyer accounts.

We will then add several more vendor accounts on a one by one basis, testing throughout the process.

Once complete, the site can be fully opened to Canadian distribution.

It has been a quite the complex journey but we are thrilled that the finish line is rapidly approaching!

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