MarketsConnection – We are Launching!

marketsconnection launch

At long last we are launching a live site!

Well almost.

This is a beta launch.

The site is live.  There are real products available for sale from a vendor.

Once we see that there have been successful sales and we apply the learnings from those sales, we will add more products through a second vendor with an eye towards streamlining and simplifying the back office aspects that a vendor has to work through.

Once that is successful we will be looking for two more Ontario based distributors who would like to join us in the process of setting up their vendor site with some of their products.

As we get comfortable with how all of this has been working, we will open the site more widely to more distributors.

After being stymied for so long, we are thrilled that we are at long last at this point!

For background on just what is MarketsConnection, read this previous article

To get in touch with someone from MarketsConnection, email

To visit the website (on Monday) go to

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  1. Kevin Budzey on May 5, 2023 at 07:47

    Can’t wait Tom, this is really exciting for distributors across Ontario and then Canada!

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