Equity Crowd Funding – Why Distributors Are Strategic Investors

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We have spent a little time looking at the example of Bluon, a HVAC technical resource and multi vendor marketplace where HVAC technicians and distributors interact.

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When Bluon did an equity crowd funding campaign they targeted their buyers and vendors, that is to say their technicians and distributors using their platform.

This should apply to MarketsConnection as well.

If distributors and manufacturers who sell on MarketsConnection become shareholders, then they are motivated to list products and generate sales to ensure the success of MarketsConnection.

If distributors who are buyers on MarketsConnection become shareholders in MarketsConnection, then the more deals that they buy on MarketsConnection will enhance the value of their investments.

To increase the value of the win for vendors and buyers, we are prepared to offer a discount on either the commission we charge to a vendor or the buying price to a buyer who is also an investor/shareholder.

The larger the investment, the longer the duration of the discount period.

Invest now, you can easily earn back your investment while selling or buying on MarketsConnection!

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