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What is a coaching session with Tom Fournier like?

I am not a psychologist.  I prefer a conversation around business or career issues or concerns where I can draw upon my extensive range of experiences to help inspire insights and solutions.

I will not divulge proprietary information related to my past employer or any clients.

Why consider coaching?

A coaching conversation is a safe haven.  It is a place to open up your mind, not be judged.

The coaching conversation often becomes a brainstorm that can foster new points of view.

You will get access to new insights from an industry veteran.  I have been a sales representative, I have managed a sales team and I have managed the managers of teams.

Not only do you gain the benefit of years of experience in a variety of roles, but you also access insights and experiences from a wide variety of channels and market segments.

Senior Executive

It has been my experience that the more senior the role, the smaller and less accessible the group of peers becomes.  It is difficult to show uncertainty, concern or to always have the right answer. A coaching conversation to talk through business or career issues can help to illuminate a wide range of possibilities.

Sales Manager

A coaching conversation can help to open up ideas around building a strong team culture and also accelerating your team’s performance.  Coaching can help talk through and brainstorm on business issues.  It is also an opportunity to discuss the management of your own career.

Sales Representative

Coaching can help with ideas around discovering and opening up new business opportunities as well as closing a higher percentage of sales, more quickly.  It is also a great opportunity for discussions around the management of your career.

What is involved?

We will agree upon a one-hour time slot as well as the means of connecting (i.e. phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime).   I will then send an invoice for advance payment for the session (Interac transfer or PayPal).  If there are to be subsequent sessions, we can negotiate a regular rate, payment terms, non-disclosure verbiage and other details and confirm in a letter of engagement.

What is the offer?

For one introductory session only:
$100 CDN + 13% HST*

*  As I will do my work in Ontario, I will invoice the tax appropriate to Ontario.

What if I want to do more sessions?

I am happy to discuss this. We will mutually agree on a fair price per hour.

How do I book?

Simply complete the form below and I will be in touch to make arrangements!  If you prefer, you can also call me at: 226-989-9188

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