An Offer That Is Too Good AND It is True!

10% offer

How do you drive business growth without leads?

Where do your leads come from?

Are you expecting your sales team to generate leads?  How is that working?  With everything that they have to manage do they truly have time to go through the painstaking work of trying to identify new business prospects and convert them into qualified new customers?

I am sure you have had similar experiences to me with the following:

  • Offers to purchase a list of industry contacts.
  • Offers to work your LinkedIn profile to blitz contacts for lead generation.
  • Offers to create an email blast campaign to get your message out there.
  • Offers to rebuild your website to optimize its SEO performance.

All are offers with a substantial cost and all leave you wondering will this truly put qualified leads in the hands of your sales representatives so that you can grow your business.

What If I Can Offer You a Better Way?

What if I can offer you an opportunity to work with a partner that will strive to understand your business and the type of customers that you sell and the geography in which you sell.

They will comb through their databases and create the target lists for calling.

The partner will work with you to create the call manuscript and give you the opportunity to constantly refine the script.

This company will assign their salespeople to work through the lists, calling customers on your behalf. They work with the goal of generating qualified leads in the form of appointments for your sales representatives.

You have constant visibility through a shared document to the progress of the campaign and the results associated with each call.

You have access to recordings of the phone meetings to ensure that your company is being represented in the best way possible and your message is getting across.

You Get All of This and a 10% Discount on Your 1st Month!

The lead generation firm can work with companies in Canada or the U.S.

They specialize in B2B campaigns selling products, equipment and services.

If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact me and I can give you more perspective and help connect you with them and the special price.

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  1. Wayne Milford on December 5, 2023 at 08:45

    Hi Tom
    I’m wondering how you think lard gen might work with a specialty valve company based in Alberta.

    • Tom Fournier on December 5, 2023 at 10:57

      They are B2B specialists and their approach works with a large variety of clients, I really do not see why not!

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