Amplification through Social Media

Bullhorn for Amplification

Are you using social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to try to promote your business or to elevate your personal credentials?

Perhaps you are also networking whether it is part of a networking organization or working within an industry.

Do you post information or content but do not seem to get much of a reaction?

Here is an opportunity for a moment of reflection. What are you doing with other people’s or company’s post? Do you “like”? Do you offer a supporting or encouraging comment? Do you share their content or posts? If not, then perhaps you are not being fair or practical in your expectations.

Networking and building an audience online is not a one-way street. If you want to be supported, you need to support others.

Something magical happens when we begin supporting each other. We see amplification!

For example, on LinkedIn, you post some content or share some news. People in your connection list may see your post. But your activity is limited to your network.

What if I like your post? Maybe, I also offer a comment. Maybe I share your post? Then the 1200+ people in my network also see your post.

What if the next day, someone else likes your post? Then your network might see it again as it gets attention but now everyone in that new person’s network has a chance to see your post.

Work social media in isolation and the impact is small. Support others and have them support you, then you see the impact of amplification and experience a multiplier in exposure.

Act like you are part of a mutually supportive community and it will be amazing how much more reach will you get!

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